In appreciation of assistance, donations and general support of our Club, we would like to thank and showcase the businesses and organisations, show below.


Clickers ArceryQueenborough Archers recommend Clickers Archery. The Club has always found them to be very helpful and provide a speedy delivery service Visit Clickers..

Liam Grimwood Grip Archery ProductsQueenborough Archers endorse Grip Archery Products. Grip weights, created by Liam Grimwood, are not just good looking, but they provide the perfect solution for adding an exact amount of weights without overly increasing the length of the bar.
Check out Liam Grimwood’s Grip Archery Products..

Shooting Form DVDQueenborough Archers recommend the ‘Shooting Form’ DVD by Liam Grimwood and Dave Cousins. These professional compound archers have got together to share 90 minutes of secrets and useful insight of their shooting form.
Buy Shooting Form DVD ..

Compound Bow Setup DVDQueenborough Archers recommend the DVD ‘Compound Bow Setup’ by Liam Grimwood and Neil Wakelin. Watch them step-by-step show you how to set up your bow from start to finish, so it’s ready for you to shoot.
Buy Compound Bow Setup DVD ..

Mathews Bows & Archery Accessories
Easton Archery


ArcheryGB / GNAS
I.L.L.A – International Longbow Archers Association
Archery TV
Pro Archery